Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thanks to all that attended the SCCHS 1970 to 1980 reunion on June 27th!!  We hope you enjoyed the evening!

The 7080 Organizing Committee

Questions? Please e-mail us at scchs7080@sasktel.net


  1. Hello all
    I was interested in looking through the Class of 76 yearbook photos, as that is the year I graduated from "the comp". I don't think you have the right student pictures. Anyone else from 76 to verify that we are not those people?

    1. Yes I Agree Kathy...the pictures shown for the graduating class of 1976 are actually the graduating class from 1975. There are no pictures for the class of '76

    2. Thanks for bringing that to our attention so we can correct them. We are busy preparing a slideshow for the reunion night so hope to see you there!